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Restoration – 2008

RITHET'S BOG CONSERVATION SOCIETY, SPRING/SUMMER 2008 - MICHAEL CARSON Rithet's Bog - Trail User Survey From mid-April to the end of July 2008, RBCS conducted a survey of the different types of user on the peripheral trail around Rithet's Bog.…

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Restoration – 2006

The Victoria Naturalist, Vol. 63.2, Sept/Oct 2006- Sharon Hartwell Rithet's Bog: A Brief History of the Restoration Project and Update on Recent Events Rithet’s Bog is a 42-hectare Conservation Area located in the Broadmead area of Saanich. Well known to…

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Restoration – 2003 – III

BARA BUGLE (BROADMEAD AREA RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTER), SPRING 2003 - SHARON HARTWELL Rithet's Bog - Looking Good! Hectares of open water, flocks of ducks, muskrats swimming in the ditches, and a lot less willows! It's a pleasure walking at Rithet's…

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Restoration 2003 – II

Times Colonist - May 5, 2003 – Jack Knox Something to Chirp About – Hard work revives Rithet’s Bog, a once dying ecosystem It’s the birdsongs that you first notice in the newly healthy Rithet’s Bog. A naturalist can pick…

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Restoration – 2003

BARA Bugle (Broadmead Area Residents Association Newsletter), Fall 2003 - Sharon Hartwell Weir One Year Old! The Rithet's Bog Restoration Project It’s been a year since the weir was installed and the willows were cut from the Chatterton fields. To…

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Saanich News - September 11, 2002 – Vern Faulkner Weir to Stabilize Water Levels in Beloved Bog - Joint project is meant to reverse adverse impacts of development Work began Monday on a project that aims to stabilize water levels…

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Restoration – 2002

BARA Bugle (Broadmead Area Residents Association Newsletter), Spring 2002 - Sharon Hartwell Rithet's Bog Update - Restoration Work Primed to Begin This Summer! BARA Bugle (Broadmead Area Residents Association Newsletter), Spring 2002 - Sharon Hartwell Many thanks to all of…

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Restoration – 2001

2001 Bara Bugle (Broadmead Area Residents Association Newsletter, Spring, 2001 - Sharon Hartwell Rithet's Bog - Where Has all the Water Gone, and What is Being Done About It? BARA Bugle (Broadmead Area Residents Association Newsletter), Spring 2001 - Sharon…

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